The Strange Path To Finding Happiness

True Stories From A Fool’s Journey To The East That Will Change Your View Of Life

Raucous Tales of Foolish Wisdom that might change your life

Coming June 2015

The Author

Hans Karlsson, Japan based writer since 1989. A warped monkey mind on the loose in the East. I do have a restless streak that can lead to strange places especially when fuelled by strong drink and questionable company. A bit of a gorilla with respect to my bodily frame, a chimp when it comes to playing, and a bono bono wannabe in bed. On the whole politically incorrect. That’s why the Chinese character above (kanji, they are called) describes me so well. Can you see the monkey, head on top, two gorilla like arms to the sides, and the curved tail hanging down in the middle? The thingy at the bottom means mind - the warped mind of  a Fool (which is the meaning of this kanji).

The Book

This book is a collection of fun, ridiculous, naughty, and enlightening stories from a decades long journey to The East. If you pan down a bit, you can read one of the stories for free right now. It’s a bittersweet little number about a gangster friend of mine in Japan who passed away. Life certainly has it’s ups and downs, like biking a hilly path shrouded in fog. See the kanji on top here? See the mountain to the left with three peaks, and the symbols for “up” and “down” to the right? Together they mean mountain peak. This book aims to give you a head of steam to burn off that fog and reach YOUR happy peak whether it be in Toronto, Tokyo, Tibet, or the uncharted reaches of your spirit.

The List

My mailing list is a vital part of this strange, fun journey. That’s why I’m granting you access while I’m still writing the book. I want the result to be as entertaining, visceral, and useful as you can handle! So while I finish the book, I will send you excerpts and fun research notes (if I can read them scribbled on old bar napkins), and even invite you to ask questions and comment. Or … you can just read along and enjoy the ride.

As long as you stay on my mailing list, I take it as a good sign that my stories are hitting the mark. Hell, maybe I can even shed a little sunshine on your day – nothing would make me happier. So let’s hear a little bit about you, the person  on top here, with two legs. Not much there, huh? Let’s put some meat on those bones! Help me fill in the rest about you so your experiences with my book, my site, and my mailing list are mind-blowingly good.

Meet strange characters from a lifelong journey

Snapshots from the story “A Loveless Gangster’s Journey”
Illustrations by Minomo Keiko
A Loveless Gangster’s Funeral
Written by Hans Karlsson
A Loveless Gangster’s Funeral
“Crude people, they are, these fellows. At least that is how I imagined them to be. You couldn’t tell that from Masatoshi’s friendly eyes or his trademark sarcastic smile. His smile was naughty rather than wicked, like that of a mischievous school boy. At the very least he seemed to have no prejudice towards foreigners, which right-wing extremists and people in the underworld often have in this country. He gave me a friendly “hello” nod, standing at the bar counter. Over the years that I came to know him I never saw him sit, actually.”

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